Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well, we had ourselves all geared up for a surgery today (mom's having 1/3 of her lung removed to get rid of a cancerous spot).  Someone in more dire circumstances needed to have immediate attention so we're rescheduled for tomorrow.   In the grand scheme of things, it's all good.  But when you're preparing for something lile, a tiny little change in unnerving lol.  My reaction is to pray for the peron who needs mom's doc today.  I surely hope that the doc (guided by HP) can affect a positive outcome for this person.  Im glad we're in a situation where it's ok to postpone for a day.  Mom was a little shaken, now that we're getting down to it and this s becoming real and immediate.  I'm going to head up this afternoon to spend tonight with her before we hit the hospital at 5 am tomorrow morning.

Ash Wednesday was nice, Mass was good even though I've been struggling the past few days with anxiety and a racing mind.  The chamber annual meeting went well Tuesday, even though I had to give my annual report which included a financial shortfall in 2011.  It's all part of it, just not real pleasant.  I do have to say that I am growing weary of the constant financial concerns at home and at work.  It's just getting old.

I believe I have seen my future however, and it is a bright one.  I am beginning to see that even though I was "this close" to scoring that new career a couple weeks ago, I believe there's a plan that is unfolding for us.  Thankfully, I've learned that no matter what's going on, I need to continue pressing on though disappointment and "failure."  To me, that's faith.  I think sometimes (especially a lot lately) that I more now more fearful of sucess than I am of failure.  I certainly am no stranger to challenging times and difficulties.  I am however, not well versed on financial success and the freedom that comes from not having to worry how ends will be made to meet.

I really feel as if the change is occurring in me and in my life.  I am being prepared for success.  I am seeing my future as it unfolds a day at a time before me.  So, I am having faith that the path I am following is true and my way is being made for me.  My eyes are wide open, my outlook is good and I am weathering the stresses and challenges of life.  God has a plan and I know it is a good one.


Syd said...

I think that worrying about finances would be tiring as well. But remembering steps 2 and 3 helps. God does have a plan, although I may not like the plan! Hang in there.

Marcia said...

Sometimes I can't see the miracle while I'm in the middle of it!

Anonymous said...

Love this hopeful, uplifting post.

SoberMomWrites said...

Just what the doctor ordered - thanks for the post.

Sending good thoughts and prayers for your family today. God bless.

Mary Christine said...

Glad your future looks so bright!