Saturday, February 18, 2012

on the road again...

I've got a little break in the action planned for later today.  I am heading (alone) up to Toledo to spend time with mom later today.  We've got plans to go to dinner with some long-time family friends and just relax and enjoy each other.  I'm long overdue for a little "sebaticle" from the daily grind.  I'll be back home Sunday evening in time to prepare for work Monday morning.  I'm ready!  (And a side benefit is that I will have time to make some business phone calls on the way to Toledo lol.  I love multi-tasking) We have our 2nd to last YMCA basketball game at 9, then Ian and I will work on his Pinewood Derby car before I take off later.

We had a very energetic discussion at the noon meeting yesterday.  This topic of "faith without works is dead" came up.  I think it was something in the daily reflection reading that spawned the discussion.  It's always nice to hear how various AA's experience faith and spirituality.  In the end, we all have a similar HP in principle, but our details and understanding are all personal and varied.  That's one of the principles that really makes AA work (in my opinion/experience).  We're encouraged to find this HP, but an HP of our own understanding.  That's key because we're such a rebellious group when it comes to rules and regulations.  I hate to be told what to do, and when it comes to church and organized religion, something so personal as spirituality, I was not going to be told what to believe lol.  That openness is what helped me stick around.

And, now I am sober over 16 years.  I am also an active Catholic since 2007 (talk about your miracles lol). 

Faith with works, freedom to grow a relationship with my HP saved my life.

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Syd said...

I have a faith that works for me. Hope that you have a good and safe trip, Scott.