Saturday, March 17, 2012


I've had a couple meetings with an insider at the bank I will interview with on Thursday.  I have a lunch meeting with another insider on Monday.  I'm spending a good chunk of this weekend studying, getting my mortgage groove back on.  I will be well prepared for this opportunity!

Right now, it is time for a little study break and some bloggage.  We've been experiencing some amazing weather here lately as an appropriate conclusion to what has been a ridiculously mild winter.  We've been in the low-mid 70's here most of the week and this trend looks to continue into the forseeable future.  I think normally, our daytime highs are closer to the upper 40's and low 50's for this time off the year.  Our daffodils are already in full bloom and I'm going to have our first fire of the season this evening on the back patio.  I do love spring.  I couldn't honestly rule out another cold snap, plenty of frosts and even another snowfall before we're fully "out of the woods," but I will certainly take this warm sunny weather while I can!

Beyond this, I don't have a lot to add, lol.  I'm in the midst of another "unharried" weekend, which I intend to enjoy fully.  I'll have time to hang with Ian and my wife, walk, sit, read, study, garden, clean, have fire, watch racing and reach out to HP.

Be well out there :-)


Mary Christine said...

sounds like a great weekend.

Syd said...

Love those daffodils. They look like the ones that filled the farm fields and woods in my home town of Gloucester, VA. King Alfreds were the large ones. Thanks for making me go back to see those fields in my mind.