Sunday, March 11, 2012

spiritual refreshment

This afternoon, my wife's home group celebrates their 30th anniversary.  My sponsee is leading the meeting and I will get to see lots of AA peeps I haven't seen in awhile.  So, all things considered, it should be a wonderful event.  (not to mention the pot luck meal that accompanies the celebration)

I've come to a rough spot for being too busy lol.  You know how easy it is to "rest on our laurels" which I really haven't been doing "as such."  I've just been blowing off some of the important spiritual exercises that help me keep on an even keel.  I have been getting to meetings consistently, but my prayer life and deep connection to the HP is somewhat disjointed these days.  I get in too much of a hurry to get here and do this and that.  (which leads to the subconsious impression that I am really important lol)  I focus on the challenges in my life, rather than on the blessings.  I allow worry to creep in, which invites doubt and undermines faith and self/HP confidence.

Toss all that in with a roller coaster ride of emotions over the past few months with a narrowly missed "meal ticket" career opportunity, a very close call with mom and her cancer surgery, and the rigors of raising a 10 yr old in a household with two sober alcoholics and you've got a recipe for spiritual erosion.

So, after a stressful workweek left me in an emotional shambles and spiritual tatters, I determined that this weekend needed to serve ass somewhat of a recharge.  So, once the mayhem of collecting non-perishable food items with my Cub Scouts came to a conclusion Saturday, I've since spent my time in a bit more of a relaxed mode.  I've been reading mortgage underwriting information to prepare for an interview I hope to have with the bank.  I'm blogging today.  I watched some interesting TV about a journalists' trip to the midddle east.  I watched a bit of "Catholicism" on PBS, some of the Nationwide race, and I basically just hung around the house with the family.  I slept in, rather than going to Mass this morning.  While I needed the rest, I really needed to be at church.  So, I'll be doing a bit of extra prayer, writing and reading along those lines today as well.

I am blessed that AA has taught me to take stock of my emotional and spiritual siuation.  While there's really no excuse for getting "in the weeds" spiritually and emotionally, it happens to me.  Thankfully, I can stop, take inventory and begin immediately to apply spiritual principles and exercises to my life and begin anew to refresh my spirit.


Mary Christine said...

When did you get a 1 year old? (well, I guess it would have been a year ago, but I don't recall ever hearing about a new baby).

ScottF said...

whoops :-) that's a typo MC, he's 10 lol

Anonymous said...

'in the weeds' 'spiritual erosion'

Man! Those are some good ones and I'm stealing them :-)

We are on the same page this month.

Marcia said...

doubt undermining faith. I've felt like that too, and often need to sit quietly with my HP.

Mrs D said...

Sounds like a great weekend taking care of yourself and going gently amid all the craziness this life can throw at us. Good on you! xxx

Furtheron said...

30 years is impressive. One local group to me celebrated 40 years last year - that is our local longest continually running one.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you rested up, Scott. I think that sometimes we just need to recharge.