Friday, April 20, 2012

the boys of summer

Well I have to say that I am really glad it's Friday morning lol.  I have a fairly reasonable weekend lined up and I am looking forward to a couple days off!  I've been out of the office at various meetings and events quite alot over the last couple of work weeks, so I will probably have to do some catch up work at home but at least it's out of the public eye for a couple days.

Last night the 2-4th grade little league baseball team I coach played our first scrimmage and the boys did really well.  We were worried about our ability to get on base and score runs, and they really did great scoring 8 runs in three innings.  Our boys worked hard, cheered hard, played good defense and ran the bases really well.  It was cool!  The boys of summer are back!!

To be sober today means I have a chance to contribute to the stream of life.  I have the opportunity to give of myself and help make our little community a better place to live.  I really enjoy (and need) giving back.  I am not one of the "check-writers" (yet!) but I can surely give of my time and teach my family the importance of being a positive influence and example for others.  God and AA have helped me realize that I owe.  I owe the world a better me.  I used to take and take and criticize, complain and condemn.  Today I give more and criticize less.  I have more work to do, and I must seek balance in all things.  But, being sober gives me the beginning and foundation I need to be a more complete person.  I am grateful!

Thanks for your comments this week as it relates to the bank/career thing, I appreciate your experience, strength and hope :-)

I am still trying to upload playground pics, but Blogger isn't uploading.  Is anyone else having difficulties?


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I just had one of those moments of reflection. I remember going to my brother's little league games and soccer games.

I remember it was fun to watch him in his uniforms, all the kids doing their thing, each probably imagining their own sports super heroes.

What a great memory!

Furtheron said...

one other blog pal has said they have had issues with pictures but I haven't tried myself

Good stuff on the baseball team front - although given not a UK sport it doesn't stick in my head, everytime I'm in the USA I have to ask someone again to explain the scoring! My daughter further confused everyone by buying a Yankees hat and a Red Sox fleece... LOL!

Syd said...

It's good to not criticize or be judgmental. I hear you on that.