Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Look what we did!

It amazes me, what people can do when they come together with a desire to help others...  Check out the playground equipment we assmbled in the rain on Saturday!  Over 50 vounteers and four supervisors from the playground company, and six hours later we're done!  Now, we've got more site work to do but by mid-June we'll be cutting the ribbon on a real miracle that will give special needs children a place to play right in the midst of a beautiful park with ball diamonds and a fully handicapped-accessible pool and now a playground!  I was blessed to lead the prayer before we began our work Saturday morning and I could barely get through it...  What a day, God is good indeed!  I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful project.

I tried to post pics, but Blogger is being quite uncoorperative, sorry!

On a not-as-awesome note, I found out through the grapevine yesterday that the bank has filled the position I had interviewed for.  They filled it a couple weeks ago, called some other applicants to let them know, and evidently forgot to let me know.  Here I was thinking I was still in consideration for this position.  You try not to take that sort of poor decorum personally.  But the folks I interviewed with are a part of my professional network, good businesses acquaintences of mine, active members of the chamber of commerce I run, and I have been a banking client there for years.  Beyond the sting of failing to land the job after we had an excellent interview, I'm having difficulty with how this all went down.  I went thruogh the exact same thing with our County Commissioners this past fall when they blew me off on a job they were hiring for.  More "valuable" members of my "network" leaving me hanging on a big career decision.

I don't know what the hell is going on in the world that people cannot show some common courtesy and manners any more.  Folks don't return calls, emails, and show basic kindnesses much any more and it's a damn shame.  Real customer "service" has become a distant memory and evidently it has just become too dofficult to even be decent to someone anymore.

Thankfully, I am not unemployed, and I even have a nice little real estate business developing (that I didnt do much with during the past 2 months while gunning for the bank job).  But this past 6 months of chasing after excellent career opportunities has left me feeling drained, cynical, unapppreciated and trodden upon.  (We alkies can sure milk the self-pity deal huh?)  This too shall pass, and I know that.  I'm just going to put my head down and do what's in front of me and kick ass in real estate so I can get out of this crazy public chamber of commerce gig lol.  I think I am done putting myself out there for awhile.  If someone wants me for a position, they can call me (yea, right!)


Anonymous said...

Well, that just bites! I was having the very same conversation with a gal the other day about the very same thing. I mean, how hard is it to dash off a phone call or email to someone? I would be wanting an answer as to why they called certain people back but not you. I'm really sorry. Please hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I'm terribly sorry you didn't get the job you wanted, or that they lacked respect and didn't own the courtesy to inform you how and why certain decisions were made.

I see it this way; that the jobs you've applied for so far aren't the ones for YOU. The right one will appear in the right moment, leadning you onto the path that you are supposed to walk :)

Take care dear Scott!

October O Nine said...

Yeesh. Sorry about the bank job and the lack of courtesy. As a fellow realtor, I can see the allure of wanting more stability. But hopefully, the real estate will come through for you. It can be very lucrative!


Marcia said...

Sorry about the bank job, kinda rude to not let you know. Good job on the equipment though!

Furtheron said...

It is bizarre life isn't it. When I was out of work I went though all that stuff and more - people telling "something is just around the corner" etc. I realised one smart guy told me there was a possible job going, got me in to run some stuff - all free of course - to impress his boss then... nothing! Clever. He now has moved on and another acquaintance has his old job... hmmmm

Anyway then I get a job, but wanted something else, personal circumstances and all that. I land one straight away - how come 6 months before I couldn't get people to call me back after sending my CV? Then another comes up - fantastic job - no chance I'd ever get it. Since I had one lined up and the one I was then still in I applied almost just to see if I would get anywhere - nothing to lose and all that. Phone Call on a Friday.... Interview on Wednesday, Job offer Thursday - resigned on the Friday! Mad! Something will come at you left field unexpectedly just you see, when you stop trying it'll happen

Syd said...

Scott, that is really unprofessional to not let you know. I think that some must lack empathy for the feelings of others. It is as if people have forgotten how to be decent.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that seems really lame for them not to get back to you. And job searching is exhausting regardless. Good luck with that!

I recently read a story that might really resonate with you -- check it out:

Best wishes...