Saturday, March 25, 2006

'cuz I'm the Tax man

Three things you can count on: Death, I'll always be an alcoholic and, you guessed it Taxes! The procrastination is over, I am about to delve into the dark underbelly of my tax return. (yee haw, Turbo Tax!!) I think it's going to be a pretty big check I send this yr. but that just means I was earning interest on my money instead of good old Uncle Sam!

But, before I begin computations... I must blog!

Trust God, Clean House, Help Others. That's how we do it in AA. I am pretty good at cleaning house, and if it won't take too much effort, I might help someone else form time to time. The big difference there is that I no longer seek some sort of recompense from helping out. And, I usually end up getting more in return than I ever gave, just by getting out of my own stuff for awhile. Trust God... Well, there's another thing altogether. Little stuff, my drinking and drugging, sure no problem. Things like money, careers, family... Now we've got trouble! I have noticed, due to my increase in meetings and involvement with the fellowship, I have found myself worrying less about the outcome of things, especially the job stuff. Now, I still get wound up about it now and again, but I am better at coming back to a calm center, realizing that hey, no matter what happens, it will be ok. HP has never let me down, never let me starve, or suffer beyond anything I couldn't handle.

So today, I choose to Trust God. Leave the worrying and the stress to him, and try to do the nest right thing, and not act like a butthead in the process!

Ok, the wife gave me alone time to work on the taxes. She didn't say thats why she took the boy shopping but, I know it is. So, I had better get my behind in gear!

See y'all next time!


Tab said...

We are only human, were going to stress and or worry from time to time just gotta make sure we don't let it get the best of us..!
You sound like your doing well..
keep on truck'in LOL
Thanks for sharing ~

dAAve said...

I hope it all adds up.

Anna said...

Her real reason for shopping is to spend as much money as she can b4 you get your taxes done lol