Friday, March 24, 2006


I feel like such a slacker when I let a few days go by between posts. I have just been kind of busy the past few days. (and kind of lazy too... honest program). Being the hanger-on that I am, I have come to an executive decision: I will not let my mortgage business go down the tubes without a fight! I have been coming up with a few marketing ideas myself (rather than wait on my boss/partner/buddy to step up and do what a business owner should do to market his business). At the same time, I have been sending out those resumes in hopes of a better set of circumstances. I've continued going to more meetings than I usually hit and between that, my additional one on one contact with AA's, & my meds, I have been feeling pretty alright! I even had a small loan fire turn into a real three alarmer yesterday, and I didn't even raise a hackle! Now, there's some growth... Thanks to HP, AA, my MD and my efforts at recovery!

This morning, I get to help a newcomer move himself into his new apt. This old guy probably nearly killed himself drinking but here he is trying to keep it together a day at a time. My sponsee and me are giving him a hand moving stuff today. While I have a bunch of work I need to do, I didn't hesitate when asked to help. I don't say this to blow my horn, or parade around in my "profound wonderfulness." It's a change for me and I am a little surprised and happy. Giving a ride to a meeting I am already going to or taking a phone call is one thing, giving a lead is one thing but helping someone I hardly know move his stuff on a work day? Never before! It's good to be getting out of myself... So, again, no horn tooting, just sharing the wonders of AA, and how the program is changing me. Sunday nite I get to give a lead at a meeting I have enver attended before. I love that!. I love how when I am done sharing my story, I can hardly remember the details of what I said. That's how I can tell HP took over and used me as His messenger.

Anyhow, time for gratitude:

that I have a checkup Tuesday, maybe I can get something for the devil of a sinus infection I have going on for over a week...
my wife, son and doggie
the 30 days smoke free we celebrate Wed nite! Good job by my wife and her HP!!
the smile I got Wed when I handed her the 30 day chip I grabbed at my home group
the willingness to help others
fellowship of AA
the Church and how it's begun to infiltrate (probably not the right word) my life (more on that later)
all my friends out there in bloggage-ville


Alexis said...

Good for you on the marketing thing and resume stuff! Keep doing the footwork & the ol' HP will be ALL OVER the results. : )

HUGE congrats to the wife on the not smoking thing - that's awesome! SUPER SWEET of you to give her a 30 day chip : ) and she's already saved $125 by not smoking one month! How cool is that? Have a great weekend with the wife, son and doggie!

Sober Chick said...

"Thanks to HP, AA, my MD and my efforts at recovery!" Gonna email you about this, getting around to catch up in AA blogging land (and what a beautiful land it is!).

You were speaking of not blogging for a few days due to, um, life. I have this problem, well, I don't think it is a problem. It is hard to post sometimes between work, then freelance work, then family, then animals (our children for now and they take lots of time), then AA (should have put that 1st) then Boot Camp, etc. Don't beat yourself up. It is A LOT of maintenence, and all this is fairly new (blogging and AA online).

30 days, wowsers! Is that this coming Wed or this past? Nevertheless, CONGRATS to ALL!!!

Shannon said...

I didnt take it as you were blowing your own horn scott... I think its important for us to remeber that no matter how busy we are that we can still help.. does that make sense?


you sound good and positive, keep doing the right things and it will work out for you have a great weekend!!!!

dAAve said...

good stuff on the smoking

Mary Christine said...

I am glad you are sharing about helping the new guy move. It is important for people to know that this is the kind of stuff we do in AA...

Anna said...

Congrats on the no smoking!!