Tuesday, March 14, 2006

double dippin'

I am feeling so pleasant right now, I am going to double dip! Nothing particularly stupendous happened today, I just feel good. I ate very healthily today, hit the treadmill for the third day in a row... I am sitting on an online AA website (Recovery Universe) as I blog tonite. Ya gotta go check it out! I got my wireless card in my laptop and I am sitting here groovin' to American Idol! And, next comes Boston Legal, that show is just too dang funny!

Tomorrow nite, before homegroup, I am getting together with a sponsee to go over Steps 3 and 4. So, tomorrow nite will be a great one! I have another sponsee ready to venture forth into the inventory Step. I am soo glad I got a complete, searching and fearless moral inventory done at a Men's retreat this past fall... I've been working on 6 & 7 since...

We're getting ready to start an AA meeting at Recovery Universe so, it's outta here with me after a bit 'o gratitude...

grateful for:

my wife, son n doggie
Recovery Universe site
wireless technology
my easy chair, from which I blog!
the Browns butt kicking free agency period, we're really making some progress!!


Da Gal said...

Scott you sound like you are in a wonderful place and I am thankful that you have shared that with us today. I am inspired by your service work and looking forward to doing some of my own this week too. Tomorrow I plan on connecting to a few I haven't connected to before and Thursday its time to meet with a new sponsee. Take gentle care, Meg

Alexis said...

Hang on to that COOL feeling!!! The more I am out of myself, the more I get to hang on to it!

Shannon said...

right on!!! I am sooo glaad you feel good... keep it up and thanks for sharin' :)