Tuesday, March 14, 2006

miscellaneous debris

Miscellaneous Debris: the title of a great Primus CD. Here's some miscellaneous debris!

Well, I wrote this great post the other day and it just dawned on me, it aint here! I wonder whassup with that? I guess it was some stuff that wasn't meant to see the light of day. Ahh well... I am sure it was nothing I did..... (riiiiiiiiight)

Mama Bear is still smoke free, the boy and I are still intact! We had a nice Anniversary meeting Sunday at my wife's home group. I have managed to get my big ole' self back onto the treadmill, been two days in a row now. I even managed to do some situps last evening! Work still blows the big one, been shooting some resumes here and there, prospecting, looking for an improvement. I know I posted a big old rant a couple weeks ago about that Village Administrator job deal. Well, the powers that be never even took action and hired anyone for the position. I suppose that means I am still in the running. But, judging from the lack of activity with my phone/mailbox/email I'd say I am probably still not being considered. Sh*t happens, or in this case, doesn't. Let's see, Monday I hit that 12:30 meeting I have been going to recently, that was kool, a discussion of Spirituality. All in all, things are going the way they're supposed to be, or they would be going a different way.

I have to be very careful in my assessment of my life, how things are going, etc. I love to assign value to things. For example, I had "good" day at work = I got my way! I had a "bad" day at work = I didn't get my way. Things are going "great" = Again, getting my way... You get the picture. Right now, I am trying to focus on what's going on, accepting what's going on rather than assigning value. Who am I to judge what's good, bad or otherwise? (of course, I do it all the time, he he) I have noticed that when I can see things in terms of is/isn't rather than good/bad, I have a better time of it.

today I am grateful for:
my wife n son
my doggie Cosmo
the lessons in patience I am hopefully learning as a result of my job stuff
meetings, meetings, meeting
that my wife is still smoke free, and her "visitor" will be departing soon (I know, that's kinda selfish, sorta...)
getting on track with some really important things in my life
that my boy is going to spend his first weekend away from home, at my mom's house 2 hrs away (he and we all need this experience, my wife is stressing over it, it's cute!)
blogging and all the really great peeps I have met


Has anyone ever posted their email addy in their blog? I think it would be kool to e-mail some of y'all back and forth, etc. But I am a lil wary of putting my e-mail addy on here...


Tab said...

Is your wife quiting smoking?
My hubby and I did over two years ago and we are soooo glad we did.
Cheer her on!!! Take her flowers or some of her fave soaps!!
Living smoke free is AWESOME!!!
You sound like you have your feet planted firmly on the ground these days and the treadmill :)Cool !
As for posting an email addy,
I have just enough time to blog let alone email but lots of others bloggers do.Post yours if you have the time and see how it works?
Have a great day!
Thanks for sharing ~

Rex said...

Great share. I too went through a period last year of being out of work and it nearly did me in, but in the end God brought me a job that is out of this world. A lot of people have their e-mail address in there blogger profile and some of us do e-mail back and forth. Have a great day.

Scott said...

I am a goofball... I already have a link to my email in my profile... :-)

Shannon said...

LOL I was just gonna ask if you did Scott... thanks for your share. I am glad to hear you and son are still intact. HA!

I too am back on the diet and exercise program, 1 day at a time, 1 pould at a time... whew... I am inpsired and Today am doing good.

keep it up Scott... tonight I will do 100 crunches..how many do you do?

Scott said...

Well Shannon, to be honest, I did 20 crunches last nite and wanted to die! I hadn't done them in longer than I care to recall. So, I will have to work up to your 100 a day at a time, but thanks for the challenge, I will get there!

Sober Chick said...

"I have noticed that when I can see things in terms of is/isn't rather than good/bad" Ohh, I really like that! A healthier reality.

I encourage you to continue with the physical part of your new program -- exercising. I know you have heard this but it provides a euphoria that our bodies (those of us suffering from the DZ) accept really well.

I have less days abstinant than sober. A few months ago I entered an elite fitness program. It is amazing. I was so scared, now I need it. I hope you discover this with your new activites.

Glad to see that the dust in your household is settling!!!

dAAve said...

My email is found on my profile too. I've never gotten anything negative from it being there.

Back to your topic about good days/bad days. Recent events surrounding my life have shown me that acceptance really is the key. I have somehow managed to remain calm and rather serene through some tough times. It's definitely the Twelfth Promise ringing true in my life.

Mary Christine said...

Congrats to not-smokey the (mama) bear. Don't give up on the gov't job, it takes them forever to do anything. I have a friend who always says ' it isn't good or bad, it just is' I have found that very helpful. And... I run, swim, and bike, but just bought a balance ball and did the work out on the DVD and I am dying! I am so sore!

Da Gal said...

Scott here's a simple value system... you wake up alive = good day because you're still living. That's it.. that's the scale in its totality!

And yes.. emails are through profiles. Feel free to email away!