Sunday, March 12, 2006

God help me...

Well, two and a half weeks into the quitting smoking project and the insanity is in full swing! My wife had to quit the patch a couple times this week (nicely timed with her "monthly visitor") because it was upsetting her stomach big time. Well, hello crazy! the poor woman is hanging on by a thread, still hasn't smoked, but she's feeling awful, totally irrational and emotionally/spiritually ouchy... I am doing my best to remember the crap she's dealing with and not take offense to her moods. But, being the sensitive guy that I am :-) I find her moods to be less than pleasant. So, here goes: God, please help me not be a self-centered ass, and let my wife be how she needs to be as she works through her non-smoking campaign. Oh, and please help me help her. Oh, one more, please... your will for her today..."

We're heading off to her home group anniversary this afternoon, I have been asked to give the blessing, how cool is that? Our lil guy is being a whiny pain in the butt 4 yr old. This could prove to be an interesting afternoon. Hopefully he will shape up in time for the meeting cuz it's a long afternoon! This meeting will be my 4th this week ( i am usually good for 2). Man, that's kool. I have been blessed with a bombardification of brand spanking newcomers, we had 12 inmates (usually have 2-4) yesterday at the county jail meeting. it's been a wonderful week of recovery...


for HP's help with my wife quitting smoking
my wife n son
my health (I've lost 5 lbs this week... lots more to go)
fellow bloggers
that I could visit Houston, Southern BC, Tacoma and know people in the program
the courage to take the necesary action to hopefully improve my professional life


Rex said...

Good luch to you, and I hope the meeting is great. You are a truly blesses person and I'm glad our paths have crossed as we trudge the road of happy destiny.

Da Gal said...

Scott -

Have faith that it will improve at home. I quit smoking 1/18/06 and I am sure I was less than pleasant to be around early on. Thankfully I was blessed with becoming sick about six days into it so I only wore the patch for 6 days and haven't used it since then. I think that helped with pushing through the withdrawal from nicotine part.

I like your honesty and I wish you well at your wife's meeting tonight. Take care and keep working it. Meg

P.S. I found you via Rex.

Mary Christine said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your kind comments re: my son on my blog today. I cannot begin to tell you what that means to me. Thank you. Please add Denver, CO to your list of places you can go and know someone.

dAAve said...

I hope you will excuse me for laughing while I read the first paragraph.

Regarding the patch, a good friend who quit smoking last year (a 30+ year smoker) felt that wearing a patch would only make things mroe difficult. It continues to put nicotine in the body and that is is what the body needs to lose. He quit cold turkey by telling himself that he was now a nonsmoker.

Alexis said...

There is hope! I've been smoke free since 1.17.05! Now THAT is a miracle! I smoked 8 years! Chewed the gum for 4 days but had to quit, because it was making me want a dip! Since that, I've been totally tobacco free! Your wife can do it! I'll keep you both in my prayers! and come on down to Houston any time!

Sober Chick said...

Whoa, you both are fighting a grand war here. It can be done, seen it with many of my sober sisters. I don't know the addiction personally, smoking was never adopted by me (instead alcohol, bulimia and cutting :)) but I know the monthy visitor. Not only do I suffer but those around me, like Mitch, suffers.

I love that you are trying to process a state of understanding to her battle at this time. It says a lot about your character. It seems that you are bringing humor into this as well -- or at least this is my interpreation.

Shannon said...

I quit smoking too.. alost 2 yrs... I just love your prayer!! HA
good man... hang in thre and this too shall pass

Shannon said...

oh and congrats on loosing 5 lbs :)
keep it up you are an inspiration here