Tuesday, April 11, 2006

man that alarm clock sucks!

I've been sort of "training" myself to get up early each day, while the house is still quiet and get some praying, blogging and working time in. Its amazing how much can be done before the rest of my peeps are up and around. Its also nice to take the time to work on me. This morning time really sets up my day, helps me get my head on straight. For years, I have been one to get up, dash through the shower, slurp down some coffee on my way out the door and race off into the madness of my day. Now, my day still has crazy stuff in it, but it requires less madness. Thats pretty kool!

I can see why I have been hearing people in meetings for years talking about how much they treasure their emotional sobriety and serenity. Its not that I haven't had any over the past 10 years, but what I have now is different. Maybe I have more of it, I don't know. Maybe its the fact that my thyroid levels are where they ought to be now, or its the Zoloft. Perhaps the extra meetings. It could be the exercise and much better eating habits I have worked on. I am guessing its a combination of all of these, brought together by a faith in my HP that no matter what, "it" will be okay. After all, it IS my HP that gives me the strength to make these changes in my life!

All I know is that I want this to continue so I am going to do this again today, and hopefully tomorrow.

"The most important decision I ever made is the decision I made to give up drinking. Can I ever afford to forget this, even for one minute?" -January 6th 24 Hours a Day

Thankfully, my first sponsor suggested that I read January 6th over and over, daily. That one suggestion has probably had the single biggest impact on my sobriety (of all the billion little things!!). I am so grateful HP had him suggest that to me. It saved my life. I am forever grateful! There is a section of the reading that talks about disciplining oneself to live God's will. It just dawned on me as I post here, that thats exactly what I have been doing. I h ave been disciplining myself to live rightly, just like the reading said I should do. "Today I will discipline myself..."

Its amusing how things come full circle. That reading has become so ingrained in me, such a part of my recovery. Thats why its so important to pratice recovery behaviors over and over. They become as a part of us as our drinking and drugging was. Thats how we truly recover.

I like these early morning epiphanies. But, I have to dash through the shower and race out the door now! (gotcha, just joking!)


yes, lots!
I can hear the birdies chirping, spring is in full swing, thanks HP!


Lex-Sunshine said...

Awesome! I love my time in the morning when I can just chill and listen to my HP. its not fun to start out running around like a chicken with its head cut off..... : )

Oh, its Alexis, by the way, with my new ID and you can follow it to my new blog. Hopefully, I won't have to kill this blog too.

good to be back in blogdom and if you're not blogging from Arizona, have a great trip! We'll be here when you get back!

Sober Chick said...

I love the mornings, when everything is immobile. It was recently that I slept through these mornings still in a drunk from the night before.

Here in So CA the sun comes over the foothills and produces brilliant colors in the morning sky. I can see through our office window. I will get some pics of it and share. Everything is fresh, a new day, a new beginnning. And you get to enjoy it. It is a gift offered to you each day. The only thing you have to do on your part is wake upi early to recieve the gift.

You are almost off and I hope yo find connection to the Internet and share your experiences with your family!

dAAve said...

I've been a morning person all of my 52 years. I embrace the quiet time. Since I was 3 months sober, I've gone to a 6:30am meeting 5 days each week. Every day.
THAT is a great way to begin a sober day.

Rex said...

Not being a morning person myself I can relate. It is however so very important to start the day right because it makes all the difference in the outcome! Thanks for sharing.