Monday, April 10, 2006

T Minus 2 days and counting

And so begins the pre-trip madness! We leave for Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon and we're getting down to crunch time. I get so uptight before we take a long trip, especially if it involves air travel. Once I get on the plane and it begins to taxi out for takeoff, this great rush of relief washes over me and I am good to go! I think the whole problem is control! Well, perceived control and the realization of the lack thereof. Once you get to the airport, you really have no control over where, when, what, etc. An interesting note is that I travel alone much more calmly than when I travel with my wife and son. Perhaps this is because I feel responsible to get everyone where we're going without incident. Its just messier travelling with them, he he! I feel like I have more control when its just me!

My wife is the world's best "packer" when it comes to getting a ton of stuff in a small tight space. However, we must emphasize "ton of stuff!" While I do like to point out that I believe she overcomplicates and takes way to much stuff, I have learned to keep my mouth shut, keep my "loving evaluation of her packing" to myself. I've learned to do this because invariably, we'll be out of town somewhere and I will find myself wishing I had brought something along (usually in a panic) and she will quickly produce exactly what I am looking for, with this knowing smile on her face. (Man, I hate that smile!) So, it pays to keep my thoughts to myself, because they are often premature, or incorrect!

Having said all that, I have vowed (to myself) to make a concerted effort not to get all wound up as we prepare to leave. Because honestly, she gets wound up enough for both of us, and a part of her stress comes from me. I am going to do my best to carry my serenity right on through departure and on to Phoenix. I am going to purposefully attempt to enjoy each and every aspect of our preparation and trip as a part of a total vacation experience. (how psycho-babble-ish did that sound?) All that stress and worry makes for bitchy people which makes for a crappy start to what ought to be a wonderful two weeks in Arizona with the in-(out)-laws.

my wife, son and doggie
the opportunity to travel
coming home from a long trip
the 12:30 meeting I am going to today and tomorrow!
the road trip my boy and I took Saturday to go visit some of my family, a couple hrs away
someone will be back at the office to keep an eye on my deals while I am out of town
wireless internet and other electronic wonders
new business opportunities
bloggage and the peeps I've met


Anna said...

Sounds busy and exciting at your place ...remember control is an illusion :)

Rex said...

Hope you have a great trip. Remember to stay fully present in each moment of the day and than life is never overwhelming.

Sober Chick said...

OMG, I share that exact trait as your wife when it comes to packing. That is too funny. Gotta make sure you plan for everything that can happen or may not happen.

You are starting off great, having a plan of action. We can get so frazzled in some event we forget to enjoy the experience. Thanks for the post! Hope to see you before and during your vacation. ;)

Tab said...

LOL I laughed out loud when you wrote about your wifes packing!
You sound like you have a good handle on everything now let yoursef get excited and let go of the usual control baggage.
I bet you are going to have a great time..take lots of pics for your blogger
Thanks for sharing~

dAAve said...

at least you aren't going in covered wagons

i am a professional packer; maybe it's worth writing about some day

Scott said...

covered wagons... dAAve where DO you come up with this stuff? You are to dang funny!