Monday, July 17, 2006


Last week, I posted about my frustration with how I feel and look physically, due to the fact that I have found nearly all of the weight I lost a couple yrs ago. I decided to get myself back into a healthy weight and physique by correcting my poor eating habits and adding some exercise to my lifestyle. My good friend dAAve suggested that I "weigh in" each Monday morning as a way to keep myself accountable. Last Monday, I weighed 255 lbs (ugh, if only I were 6'5"!!). Today I weighed in at 249.5 lbs. I always weigh myself at the same time of day (morning, prior to eating or drinking). Thanks dAAve for the most excellent suggetion.

So, I am off to a good start. As is often the case, the first week or two is usually a "freebie." The change I make in how much and what kind of food I eat usually has a big effect early on. After that, the weight seems to be more difficult to remove. That's where the discipline and exercise come in. I did well this week, only one fast food meal and no ice cream.

Anyhow, that's that. This week ought to be plenty busy with opening my office and all, finally!! I should hear from corporate today as to when they intend to link me to the "mother ship" so to speak... That will be Friday I am guessing. Once I go online with them, I am good to go! So, takin a deep breath cuz here's where the rubber meets the road. This is the "be careful what you wish for" part!

Prayer for the Day:

Thanks God/HP for the strength to take better care of the body you rented me. I pray for the strength and guidance to be a better steward of not only my body, but of the world in which we live. I pray for Your peace, Grace and Will in my life, and the lives of all my family and friends, and most especially in the lives of those here on earth who are suffering, whatever it may be. God/HP, help me keep my sobriety in the forefront of my mind today, that I may enjoy another sober day in the Sunlight of Your Spirit.


psychbaby said...

g'morning Scott! Congrats on the great start to your physical "rehab!" You know, I was thinking of doing that too. Maybe we should do a "group" thing?

Sounds like an exciting week for you. God Bless you sweetie!

Tab said...

I am going to get us a scale too now.
Thanks for sharing Scott..
Keep up the great work :)

Sober Chick said...

Totally awesome Scott. I know you will discover so much on this new adventure of improving your health. I am really looking forward to seeing your growth and learning of your experiences.

You know, for me I cannot use the scale. I get so obsessed with a number and allow it to define my physical condition. That number on the scale I saw months ago was the # that sent me back to the BPs. I know this to be applicable to me, and pray that you will not venture to this avenue and pray that you will obtain balance and a healthy sense of empowerment on the scale and your successes.

Sending you my love and gratitude that you are here.

dAAve said...

Off to a good start with the weight thing, even if the first week is a freebie.
Keep it up.
Keep it off.