Friday, January 12, 2007

when did it get to be Friday?

man, this week raced by... really, raced by! I had so much going on... I feel like I have been working hard, but not getting terribly too far along with my deals... they are just dragging on... and I had to invest a bunch of money this week on my new For Sale By Owner program. But, I know it is going to pay off, just have to have faith and try to keep doing the next right thing.

I've been to the Y alot this week, trying to keep a steady effort to exercise. Plus, I take Ian over there and he has a ball! Also, the past couple days I have been changing up my morning routine. I got this nice little Catholic devotional, so I read that, read the Scripture readings for the day, work on memorizing some prayers from the Rosary then do my prayers. Later on at the office I read the 24 hr a day. I love doing all the readings in the morning because the house is so quiet, the coffee is fresh, my mind is sort of a blank slate.... It really sets me up for a positive start to my day.

This morning I turned in my application to join our local Optimist Club. They work to help kids in the community by donating funds, sponsoring activities, all sorts of great stuff. It's a great bunch of guys that meets in the back room of a local restaurant on Friday mornings. I am really looking forward to getting active in that group.

Prayer for the day...

God, HP, Jesus, thank You for another sober day. I pray that I may have faith, and grow in the faith that You will always provide for my family and I. I pray that I accept Your guidance in doing the next right thing. I pray that I may open myself to your message, that You might use me to carry the message of recovery tomorrow at the jail mtg. Also,I pray for Your Will and Grace for my new friend Russ, the outta towner from home group the other nite.

peace to y'all!


dAAve said...

You got me wondering if there's such a thing as The Pessimist's Club.
have a weekend.

Mary Christine said...

I love the Rosary. I hope you do too!