Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm a new "uncle"

My sponsee and his wife had their little baby yesterday afternoon. I didn't get down there in time for the birth, but we were the first ones to see the new little fella. Daniel was born at 2:30 6lbs, 20oz & 20" long and very precious... Ian was funny when he saw the baby... His eyes were really big, he got real quiet and just looked at him lol. Ian got him a little stuffed tiger, and he wanted to make sure Daniel really liked it... it was too cute. Ian decided he is going to teach Daniel all sorts of stuff like soccer, and how to ride a bike, and basketball... It was a great experience for him!

After we visited with them, we went out to eat to celebrate Ian's 1st day of school and then I had to go out and get some new work clothes. My wife's mom and brother suggested that we go to Jos. A Bank men's store and so we did. We caught a huge sale, and the store manager waited on us and was just super about showing me different combinations, etc. I usually cheap out and get my dress clothes at like JC Penneys or Elder Beerman. Well, it was really neat to go in a store and have a gentleman keep calling you sir, waiting on us like we mattered, etc. Of course the clothes aren't cheap, but I got nice things, on major sale, and I am able to have them tailored to fit me. So, I now have a men's clothes store. I will drive the 60 miles from home to shop there whenever I need new duds because now I understand a little better about quality, and I really enjoy getting good service. In this day and age, good service is tough to find, which is why I go out of my way to give it to my customers. It was an awesome experience.

I am getting ready for Men's Prayer Group, it's been three weeks since our last get together so I am looking forward to that. Later on this morning I am heading up to the jail, haven't been there in three weeks, more than looking forward to that! I have spent the better part of a couple weeks, organizing at home for the influx of office stuff, cleaning, packing throwing away stuff at the old office, bringing it all home, moving it all in and now i am about done with putting everything away at home. It's been like a giatn jigsaw puzzle getting a large copier/scanner/fax/printer, 2 large lateral file cabinets, a couple tables, computer, printer, etc. in our already over capacity home lol. I am looking forward to being done with this project, wow! I turned in my key yesterday morning at the old office, kinda bittersweet. But, this change is in the name of moving forward, not failure, so it's easier to take.

placing myself in God's presence...

God, thank You for getting Daniel here safely, he is yet another of Your wonderous miracles! Thanks for our family nite out last nite, we had a nice time. God, please help me with my attitude around the house. All this change, my overloaded schedule and the moving project has got me acting fairly bitchy, and especially intolerant of those things I am not so fond of in my wife and Ian. I pray that today, I make an exerted effort to be more patient with them, and go out of my way to show kindness and love, without any expectations of any particular behavior from them.

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


Pam said...

Man your life is just full of good stuff right now!!!

Pam said...
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Mary Christine said...

I prefer to buy "expensive" things because they usually end up being cheaper than cheap stuff in the long run... plus I like being treated nice.