Monday, August 27, 2007

time to hit the doc's office

Well, part of staying sober is getting checked out regularly by the doc. So, this morning, I will head to the docs office for the 6 month bloodwork/checkup. I am on thyroid medication, Lipitor and a mild anti-depressant so, he likes to keep tabs on my chemistry. I'm not a big fan of going to the doctor but who is? It's just one of those things that has to be done!

With all the rain we've had, our grass is growing at an insane rate again. Normally, this time of year is fairly dry. But this year, we were dry all spring and summer (big time) and here recently we've gotten drenched to the point of some nearby communities having disastrous flooding. Thankfully, all I have to deal with is grass that won't chill out, lol.

One of my sponsees who had gone AWOL and pretty much won't call me is reportedly back in town and hitting a meeting or two. He had been outta town, letting us know he is fine and hitting a few meetings, etc. I should probably give him a call and reach out to him. I have always made it a point not to make the program too terribly easy for my sponsees by following thema round and calling them, pushing them. But, gosh ya know Bill W. travelled over hill and dale to find drunks to work with, mostly because they kept him sober, not so much that he keep them sober. I'll give him a call this week. He and my sponsor are close friends and he makes a point to say hey via my sponsor so I was hoping he'd make a point to give me a call to begin again on the Steps when he is ready. I am sure he is feeling a bit sheepish with all that's gone on since we last we meeting regularly so perhaps it's best if I initiate a little contact.

placing my self in God's presence...

God, thank You for another sober day. Please help me do the right thing where this sponsee is concerned. I want to help him, but I also want him to do his part in making efforts to have a recovery program. Please guide my thinking where D is concerned. You know best after all! Thank You for the abundance of life, for my family, the new career I embark upon tomorrow. Thanks for my health and seeing me to the doc on a regular basis. Thank You for getting us the rain we so badly needed!

may the peace of Christ be with you all!


Trudging said...

How much you should reach out to an AWOL sponsee is a tough one. I really have to stop myself again and again. If you have laid the tools at their feet that is really all you can do. But, I often try to do more.

Mary Christine said...

Pray and the answers will come... but you know that.

Anonymous said...

haha! awesome thing, going to the doctor regularly :)
I get to do the blood work thing only every 12 months. you are luuuucky

Take it easy, Scott
Hope you had a great Monday, man.