Tuesday, August 28, 2007

today's finally the day!

Well, I start training today down in downtown Dayton! I don't have to be there until 11:00. I am pretty pumped! I've had the job for a few weeks now but due to vacations, they pushed back my start date. And that was fine by me because it gave me time to get my old office completely closed and all my stuff moved/organized. I am glad that I only have a few days training in Dayton as it's an hour drive one way. I have gotten used to my 18 minute commute through the bucolic countryside of West Central Ohio. I will be looking forward to returning to that lol

While in downtown Dayton today, I am going to hit our Central Office for a truckload of much needed literature both for my home group and the jail meeting. A few of the local groups donate books to the jail, along with some pamphlets and stacks of old Grapevines. Some of the inmates are genuinely grateful to have Big Books and 12X12s.

Since I don't have to be there until 11, I am going to hit morning Mass to get the day off to an extra special good start. That ought to do the trick!

I don't have much else to say other than I am excited! Oh, one fun thing... I took Ian golfing yesterday, it was such a beautiful day out! We played nine holes and had a ball. He likes golfing much more than hitting balls on the range. Since he's only 5, I won't bother him with the fact that if he wants to excel at golf, he will have to spend 10X the amount of time on the range as on the course... Right now I just want it to be fun for him, and to teach him on-course etiquette.

placing myself in God's presence...

God, thanks for another beautiful morning and thanks for another sober morning! Please bring my sponsee, his wife and newborn son home safely from the hospital today! Help me do well, this first day on the new job! I pray that my mind is ready, and open to learning new things. It sounds like it will be a fairly long month of training, help me be patient, as I am definitely anxious to get some deals rolling.

may the peace of Christ be with you all!

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