Sunday, November 11, 2007

gratitude for freedom!

It's a rainy dreary day here in west central OH. And frankly, I am good with that, lol. I have a LOT of inside stuff to do today and tomorrow so, I am glad to see the rainy weather. And, in planting the 27 new trees yesterday, we noticed how dry it is. So, this will be good for our new trees!

I am mindful of the sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families over the brief history of our beloved country. Today at Mass, I will be praying prayers of glory to God for our country, prayers of gratitude to our servicemen and servicewomen and their families for their sacrifices, that I might have a place and time to publicly worship and practice a faith of my choosing. I am grateful that even those who oppose what our country stands for have a voice that they might be heard. I am grateful that I am free today to come and go within our land, and for the Republic for which it stands, one nation UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE with liberty and justice for all. I love my country and the men and women who died and die to grant these freedoms. Freedom isn't free!


Heavenly Father, grant that I might remember our soldiers and their families during this time of memorial and gratitude. Please use me to remind others not to take our freedoms for granted. Thank You for granting that young man, who doesn't believe in You and is offended by those who do, the courage to come join us and share at our jail meeting yesterday. I pray that he finds sobriety, and a Higher Power of his own understanding. Thank You for giving me a clear AA message to share with him yesterday, that his HP need not be mine.

peace be with you all...

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