Thursday, August 14, 2008

spinning plates

I have been freaky busy the past two weeks. I cannot believe I let this much time get by between posts, but it's just been alot like that. Of course, I don't have the readers I used to so, I guess it's not a huge dealie.

Work has been roaring busy, and most of it has been good busy so that's kool. I've been assigned another bank branch to cover so that'll give me more opportunity to pick up more business.

I have been working hard at keeping right-sized and not taking myself too seriously... So far so good with that sorta, lol

The bank has announced that they are doing some "cost saving re-organization" and have begun to cut poorly producing loan officers and have begun to consolidate the mid-management positions. I am nervous, but I'm keeping my attitude positive and my radar on high for a new gig.

CCD begins in a few weeks so I am going to be preparing lessons (like I should've been doing all summer long in little bits at a time).

I love summer, I love being busy and all that. This weekend is our town festival where people eat tons of tubular meats (bratwurst) and drink tons of beer and the kids go nuts riding rides and wasting money on nonsense. It's a lot of fun. My brother and his family are coming down for the day Saturday. He hasn't been down for a visit in probably 4-5 years. This'll be nice!

All in all, life is good, we're healthy and relatively at peace. I am working hard, being a good person, helping out others and praying that things will work out well. We're scared money-wise but it's all good. God will take care of us, He always has and always will.

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