Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ok, this is it...

I am confident, I am thrilled and I am a bit anxious. I've decided that I'm definitely leaving my current position when the right opportunity comes along. The right opportunity has come, I feel it in my gut. I have fantasized about it, prayed, imagined, visualized and prepared. The interview went very well Monday afternoon. While it wasn't an offer yet, it was a good meeting. They shared some concerns and issues, asked a for more questions and with the help of some excellent experience and a whole lotta HP I was able to answer their concerns well and mroe than likely put to rest any fears or negative concerns.

Tomorrow they meet with their board, and I was led to believe that a decision would be forthcoming soon after the meeting. So, I anticipate a good phone call as soon as Thursday.

I know the past couple of posts have been all about me and this job. But, we need a change, a better opportunity and this is an excellent situation.


catholicandgop said...

I gave notice at my job last Friday and start my new job a week from yesterday. My old job was a crappy, minimum wage, you're embarassed when people who know you see you working there kind of job, but it was secure. Now I'm moving into uncertainty. Good luck to us both I guess hehe.

AlkySeltzer said...

Scott, I met catholicandgop on your comments yesterday, and been reading her thing. Nice to break out from the Alcoholic blogs foe a moment, but if I get into the religious and political stuff, I won't have time to sleep. Really interested in it all, though.

These days must be slightly stressful for you. When you look back on this week, you may find out it was another TURNING POINT!

Anonymous said...

Wow--congratulations. Go for it! Go for it! Go go go :)

I'll keep you in my prayers about this.

Sober Steve said...

Best of luck to you my friend. You have done your best to get this job. Pray and meditate is all you can do. It is out of hands give it to God is what other told me to do. We have no control over the outcome.

If I may tell you a story An alcoholic knowing that he has bad credit went to bank to get a loan on some property. even knowing that I couldn't get the loan at this time, I tried anyway. When the lady called and said sorry. I said it was ok, she said I was taking it well. Well I did what I could I prayed and I accepted the outcome no matter what. If My HP wanted me to have that property well I wouldn't better sitting in this crappy small kitchen. He dosen't give me what I want, he gives me what I need.

Whatever happens with this job just remember...Nothing,absolutely nothing ,happens in Gods world by mistake... big book 4th edtion pg 417 "Acceptance was the Answer"

peace my brother