Sunday, July 19, 2009

New blog site!

Hey gang...

I've decided to go in a new direction with my blogging and expand on what's going on here. (which shouldn't take much 'cause presently there's nothing going on here lol...) I just want something that's a bit more expanded beyond the topic of sobriety, yet includes sobriety since that's what's at the basis of my spiritual life.

I created a "social networking" site on entitled "Spiritual Awakening." Point your browser to and you'll be there. Join as a member and come make the site a wonderful place to chat, post, etc.

I hope to see y'all there!!

peace to you all!


Steve E. said...

It is always good to hear from you, Scott

I am inundated with TSR, FaceBook, and our own little blogging community, I'm just not ready for "expansion" yet...but please don't leave us completely.


Mary Christine said...

Hey Scott,

I will keep an eye on your soberpeeps to see what comes of it.

I am so intensely Roman Catholic I am not sure I would be a good member of it.