Wednesday, August 26, 2009

more attitude

Given my recent career change, I feel that it's important for me to continue to work on my attitude. I left the bank in a mental and emotional shambles, no question. I allowed my professional environment completely rule my emotions and as a result, my attitude when down the crapper. I'm spending my time between jobs working on me. Yesterday I went on a "man shopping" trip for some new work clothes (my old work clothes all have the logo of the bank I worked for on them, giving them to the guy that has to cover my remnants after I left). I found some great deals, spent some much needed "alone time," ate lunch at my favorite restaurant in Dayton (it had been over 5 yrs... I cannot allow that to happen again) and came away with a few new things to wear for work. As I am "in training" for this upcoming 5K, and in desperate need of fitness and weight loss, I didn't buy a ton of clothes as I will be downsizing at some point in the future. It was just a nice morning/afternoon spent alone, driving, looking at clothes and enjoying an incredible lunch of "Bangers and Champ" at my favorite Irish Pub. (suffice it to say, I went super lite on the rest of my caloric intake for the day lol)


I found a great book a few years ago: "Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Golden Book of YES! Attitude" (How to Find, Build, and Keep a YES! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success) by of course, Jeffrey Gitomer.

It's become sort of an on again/off again companion for the improvement of my attitude. I highly recommend this volume (and all his other books, if you're working in a sales career especially) to anyone wanting to improve their attitude. There are TONS of exercises in the book that have helped me see things differently. As with anything, my issue is consistent application of these exercises and principles so that good attitude becomes more of a habit. For this alcoholic, it's a battle at times and my attitude "default" position often times seems to fall in the negative position. It seems to be how I am wired lol. So, this book provides a wonderful kit of tools I can use along with the 12 Steps of AA and the teachings of Christ.

So, part of my morning routine now includes a brief reading from this book along with some prayer/meditation, bloggage and a rotation of Scritpural and AA related readings. I am taking this career shift as an opportunity to really make some wholesale changes in my life. I don't even want to go to such a dark place as I visited during my banking career. I was a miserable person far too often. it's not the bank's fault, the economy's fault, the mortgage industry's fault, my clients' fault. It's up to me to nurture, develop and maintain a positive, peaceful attitude. Period.

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Anonymous said...

Keeping a positive attitude is very hard work especially when dealing with so many outside sources. I find often times the one thing that interupts my attitude is pretentious people. If I am in the company of them, I must leave. It sets me off to listen to others talk down to people as though those down on their luck somehow deserve it... I'm so proud of your attitude & moving forward with the proper state of mind. :)