Thursday, September 24, 2009

be a "good" guy/gal

Gratitude abounds!

Nothing in particular happened to cause such an "explosion" of grateful feelings, it's just there. That's the kool part. I still have issues facing me, like everyone else has. I still haven't won the lottery (probably a good thing lol). That's the really kool thing about feeling this way the past couple of days. No event or victory of self will caused this. HP has filled me, the Holy Spirit is within my heart in excess!

But wow, I just feel connected, a part of the stream of life!!!

HP really helped me help my CCD 7th graders last evening as we discusssed the Eucharist for an hour. HP had a gratitude meeting going in full swing last nite when I popped into home group a few minutes late. I had an average (but nowadays, stress free) day as usual lately. I got to go home for lunch, that's always kool. And a got through a hunk of the stack on my desk at work. It was a typical day in my new life and I enjoyed it very much. Days like this used to be much less frequent. I really think that getting out of the rat race of banking/mortgage lending has really helped me alot.

I wish I could adequately express the profound impact of a positive attitude. I know you all know what I am talking about. Gratitude really, truly "sets the scene" for more positive influence, especially when shared. Much the same way that a negative attitude seems to simply generate more negativity. So I guess my point this morning is that I simply want to share my gratitude and peace with you all today in hopes of creating more for my self and those around me. Attitude is infectious, at least for this alcoholic. I tend to assimilate into the mood of the room/situation I am in, always have. now, i want to take that "up a notch" and being to create and bring my own "good weather" with me wherever I go, rather than being left to absorb/become whatever I am experiencing at any given moment. Today, I want to be an agent for goodness, peace and gratitude.

That's my mission today, very simple.

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Madison said...

Wish I could take you to work with me. Someone with a good attitude always stands above the crowd.