Wednesday, September 23, 2009

surprise, surprise, surprise!

Good news!!

My friend Tabitha is back in the blogosphere... Go check her out here! She's wonderful, creative and all that jazz!

Here's a new wrinkle for me... Today I get to be on TV. Well, we're shooting a quick 5 minute interview spot to promote the upcoming Oktoberfest in one of the communities within our Chamber of Commerce. I think I am kind of nervous lol. I am sure it'll go fine, it's just a new experience. Next week it's a 20 minute radio program and another 5-10 minute "sit-down" TV interview. More surprises with this new career! lol It's a lot of fun, this new gig is!

Well, color me surprised... My son's 1st grade teacher from last year called me Sunday and asked if I would be willing to give her son a couple of Trombone lessons. He is a sophomore in high school and has a solo in the middle of one of their contest pieces. I worked with all the low brass last summer and evidently I made an impression. So, my first student in a long time. That's exciting! I've been trying to build a studio of kids again but around here, there doesn't seem to be the desire to learn beyond what's provided them in school. When I lived in Houston, going to grad school, I had a studio of about 40 private students. I had jr high and high school kids, in addition to my college students. But down there, they take EVERYTHING seriously, including band and band contest lol.

With all the changes in my life over the past month, my head is spinning for sure. I am trying to keep everything right out in front of me where I can see it. I am keeping constant contact with HP. I've even been afforded the time to go back to my men's prayer group at church every other Saturday morning. I have trouble getting to an over abundance of meetings, with my schedule but I am involved in many things I see as being very spiritual in nature which also helps to keep me grounded. I talk with at least one alcoholic daily, and often times it's more than just my wife.

It never ceases to amaze me, what God has put in front of me to do. I am just so grateful for the turn my life has taken lately. I hope and pray that I project that gratitude in all my affairs, and that I can transmit some of it to those I come into contact with.

y'all have a great day today!

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Steve E. said...

It really lifts me up, when I read a blog which begins with "Surprise, Surprise" and "GOOD NEWS!"

Thank you for sharing the good stuff.