Monday, November 30, 2009

back to the routine!

I feel as if I have been off work for a month lol. It was an intense Holiday weekend and I am looking forward to returning to a bit of the mundane for awhile before the next round of intense Holiday "doings."

We don't have much in the way of "big" events this month at the Chamber. We've got a Holiday Business After Hours and some meetings, that's about it. Busy season has come and gone and I lived to tell about it. It was busy but it sure wasn't terribly stressful! Our dance band is preparing for a Christmas program that we'll put on on 12/6. I get to play Santa Claus this year and have some fun with the crowd and the director, and play my horn as Santa. Evidently, Santa's been all stressed out over Christmas preparations so he decided to come by and see if they might let him play his trombone. It should be fun!

I know of three people who could really use our prayers for their recovery. My niece Natalie is out there somewhere struggling badly with this disease. She's exhausted all her family's resources and patience and she's still going strong. There's a couple of guys locally that were supposed to call me for help, I never did hear back from them. So God, please be with these folks and guide them to what they need. I just pray that they are ready to receive your Grace.

HP/God/Jesus, guide my thinking today. Help me recall the life of your Saint and Apostle Andrew on this, his feast day. Help me live more like he did, as a witness to Jesus' Word. I pray that I might find someone to help today, thinking of You then, then those around me. Again, thank You for my sobriety, my family, friends, my blogging friends on here and for AA and Your Church. Let's go have a wonderful day together!


Lou said...

It's a comfort to know there are people like you who hold others in prayer..

and can play Santa too;)

enchantedoak said...

I say Amen to your prayers and chuckle over your Christmas duties. Prayers for your niece and the guys...

Syd said...

I wrote today about one who is near death from the disease. I don't know what help there is, except with those in AA.

Mary Christine said...

Happy St. Andrew's Day (a day late)