Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 1st Sunday in Advent! 'tis officially the Advent season when we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. We spend time getting ourselves right spiritually (more so than normal) to be fit to meet Christ at Christmas. Today is the first day of the new Church year and tomorrow is a special one for me, as we celebrate the Feast Day of my Patron Saint, Andrew (brother to Simon Peter and Apostle to Jesus).

Not much is written about Andrew other than his ministry travels throught the mediterranean and what is now within the states of eastern Russia and western Europe preaching and living the Gospel. He was put to death on the Saltire Cross (looks like a giant "X") for his beliefs and is considered the Patron Saint of Russia and Scotland as well as many other countries where he preached the Gospel.

Mr. Moose never made it to the front yard yesterday so today should be the day, lol. All you wives probably well know how that goes! I also have a couple of CCD lessons to work on today for this Wednesday. I begin two new sessions this week, one with the jr high and one full of hs kids. I'll be teaching the Jr High kids about St Paul and the Letters of the New Testament. I'll be working with the High School students on the content of Mass.

Our Cub Scout Pack has decided to "adopt" a local family for Christmas. We got a family from the Jr High/Elem Principal (no names of course, only ages/gender) and we're shopping for them for Christmas. We decided against giving any sort of vouchers, gift card or money so that there's no chance for mom and dad or someone else to do something inappropriate with the funds. The adult leaders will do the shopping, then we'll all wrap the gifts, including the boys. The boys will also make Christmas cards for the kids and what not. It should be an awesome project!

God, please for today keep, my obsession for drugs and alcohol held firmly within your grasp. Thank you for removing it from me years ago and keeping me on the correct path. Please guide my mind and my hand as I craft lessons to be shared with Your children at CCD. I pray for Your divine Wisdom and inspiration as I work with the kids. Please guide me today, that I might be a good dad and husband, as well as friend to all I encounter.

Thank You for this day, I pray I make it a gift to you!


vicariousrising said...

Cosmo is gorgeous! I didn't know Jack Russells came longhaired-- how sweet!

Adopting a family at Christmas is a great thing. My company did it years ago (when I still was a corporate drone), and I loved it. I made a point of buying for the older boy that no one was quite as excited about buying for (little kid toys are more fun, I guess). I ought to look into doing it again on my own. Thanks for the reminder to share the love.

enchantedoak said...

I agree with you in your prayer (that makes it doubly powerful). It was a pleasure reading about your plans for the scouts and other kids. Too bad Mr. Moose didn't make it up, but neither did the lights at our house. I'm sick, and hubby is using that as an excuse to watch football. There's always tomorrow.

Syd said...

Your posts are upbeat and fill me with peace. Thanks.