Saturday, November 28, 2009

a peaceful saturday!

It's nice to be home from our little trip and still have the entire weekend intact. I've been sitting round like a slob most of the morning, will probably allow a bit more of that before I actually attempt anything constructive!

I am still in a gentle "purging" process, with regard to my home office. I want to clear space, lose stuff I don't need and all that jazz. So today I will probably attack a few of the drawers in my lateral file and see what I can rid myself of lol. I also need to install our Holiday companion "Mr. Moose" in the front yard. He's one of those inflatable deals... he pops up out of a giant Christmas package and waves lol... he's kool! I am normally not a very kicthy guy but Mr. Moose has grown on me lol. Thankfully, a couple weekend ago I took advantage of the warm weather, and started getting the outdoor lights up, last weekend I finished putting them up. That's the earliest I have ever gotten them done.

I also need to clean the garage up, there's some leftovers from the various projects we've been working on altely. I'd like to be able to get both cars in there again so it's time to put away the work tables, some tools and the summer stuff and make room!

I enjoy slow paced, home type weekends like this. I can go up to the office for a couple hours if need be, I can get stuff done round the house and still have time to hang out with Ian and my wife... It's a good weekend, this weekend!

God, thank You again for all the amazing blessings in my life today. Thank You for a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family. Thank You for all my blogger peeps, for AA, for recovery, for good health, for old friends and reconnections. Please guide my thinking today, that I might do for those aorund me, rather than just think of myself. Please guide my thinking where my new/old friend Kayla is concerned, that I might be a good friend and listener as we get to know one another. Thank You so much for bringing her back into my life.

Peace to you all!


enchantedoak said...

It sounds like a good weekend. I liked your prayer the best, although it was fun to read about Mr. Moose. You get the award for the earliest light putter upper. I think I'll ask my husband to do it tomorrow, but chances are slim. Good wishes on the office clean-up!

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are thinking about Mr. Moose. I bet that he is a cool dude.