Tuesday, December 01, 2009

a prayer...

The peace of being sober is remarkable. I look around my life today at all the signs of Gods presence. There's proof He is tangibly in my life today, that proof is named Ian. That proof comes in the form of sobriety, of alcoholics calling me and me calling them. That proof comes in the Eucharist at Mass, and in my strong desire to share my faith with the young people of our parish. God is with me always, in the weather, in my hopes, my struggles, in the birds that come visit my feeders this time of year.

God is with me whether I reach out or not. But, for me to fully realize His Grace and unending Love, I must reach out to Him reach day and live how He wishes me to live. I fail there often but God forgives and continues to provide me with the chance to follow Him again. And so I take up my cross and follow God, follow Christ in hopes of becoming a better dad, husband, friend and citizen. I try not to make too much out of the uncomfortable things I must bear, reminding myself of what He endured, that I might live eternally with Him. I don't have it so bad and there are certainlyothers who have it much worse than I.

I pray that I am able to maintain and share this attitude throughout my day (no small task, let me tell you lol). I pray that I might look past the difficulties to the things I am grateful for. I pray that I reach out to God, grab His Grace and share it with others. I pray for each of you who come share with me. I pray for my wife especially... she is struggling and I can do nothing but pray for her and be patient. This weekend with my family didn't go well for her, much of that is her doing. I hate seeing her unhappy, I don't want to add to that and I pray that I am a good husband today.

Thank You God for this day. It is Your day and I pray that I make the most of it.

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Syd said...

I think that if you look at Cosmo you will smile and that will make all the things that want to make of this day come true for you. I know how you feel. I too ask to do God's will today and for Him to guide me.