Wednesday, December 02, 2009

too much coffee yesterday!

My admin asst was right... All that coffee yesterday afternoon DID keep me up too late last nite. I did take advantage of my alertness by chatting with a few old friends on Facebook lol. And this morning, I am paying for it! My butt has "road rash" from dragging so bad lol.

I did have a chat with Kayla last nite, that was really nice. And for the record, she's not my biological daughter, her mom and I had a long history together, she got pregnant during one of our "off times," and we got back together right before Kayla arrived. Having said all that, I spent the 1st two and a half years of her life doing everything a dad does, including falling in love with her. Her mom and I split when she was 2 and a half and I was 6 mos sober. I hadn't spent any time with her since and she's now 15. She reached out to me on facebook and we're now getting to know each other. I just wanted to reiterate that in case I hadn't made things clear in my first explanation.

Last nite, I did put the finishing touches on my high school CDD lesson for tonite. I am priviledged teach my first high school class this evening. I am a little nervous, these older kids know alot more so I have to be on my game and up for the challenge, so I can challenge them. I didn't pick the best night to stay up late lol. I have Jr High CCD at 6:30 and High School at 7:45. I can forsee a 30 minute power nap in the chair late this afternoon!

Ahhhh, that first cup of coffee!

God, please help me get out of myself today. I have spent plenty of time lately reflecting on things about me and things that pertain to me. This isn't healthy when over done. Please help me think of and do things for others today. God help me sort through all my emotions to stay focused on reality and the facts of my life, that I might make good decisions today. Thank you for AA and sobriety, and for the fellow who has taken over chairing our small home group. He has taken a load of my shoulders and is doing a great job, getting alot of good sobriety from the experience. I pray that those struggling with our disease find Your Grace and realize there is hope today. I pray for peace for those families struggling as a result of the economy this season. God, help me to carry an attitude of grateful service throughout this day.

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