Thursday, December 03, 2009

'tis the season!

My son's 2nd Grade Christmas pageant is this morning. I had to tie his Santa tie on him this morning and it was a little awkward, tying a tie on a wiggly little guy but we got it! He's so handsome! I'm so grateful I can leave the office this morning to come see his play. They perform at school this morning and then again this evening. Unfortunately tonight, I have our final dress rehearsal for our Christmas Concert this weekend. I'm glad they are doing the two shows so I don't leave Ian hanging!

There's a big difference between teaching 7th grade, and teaching high school kids! The 7th graders, while they were pretty well behaved last night were still energetic and loud. My high school group was barely alive lol. I had to work to get them to participate in our discussion but the gal who runs our CCD program assured me they were engaged and soaking stuff up like a sponge. Whether she's right or not, it was a good pep talk lol.

I'm in the process of creating next year's budget for the Chamber of Commerce. Things are a little different in the world of the non-profit and this year is going to be a "seat of the pants" approach to budgetting as there isn't much information lying around from the previous director. The basic budget numbers are all there, but details on how we get there and how we cost out all our programs are sketchy at best. It's an adventure, lol!

My dad stopped by the house yesterday on his way to see clients in the Dayton area. He is very hadny and he offered to come by to try to fix my cieling fan lights. I had recently tried and failed. It turns out there was a dead short and he was able to fix it. So, now I have light again in my office here at home. It was nice spending a couple hours with him yesterday.

Let's keep it simple today... be kind and helpful, do something nice for someone else and share your gifts! Peace be with you all!


Syd said...

I agree about keeping it simple today. Just got out of a great meeting on Tradition 12. I bet your little one was cute in his Christmas tie.

Lou said...

I just noticed your dog, and that does not look like a Jack Russell..I never heard of a Parson. Anyway, he..or so cute.

You are blessed to have a good relationship with your dad. It seems that is unusual here on the blogs!

enchantedoak said...

You're a blessed dad.