Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a blessed life

More emotions... (better ones, lol)

Yesterday I took Ian for his H1N1 vaccination. His mom asked me to do it, she said she couldn't deal with him and the health care folks. She wasn't sure about all her questions, the usual stuff. She really has a tough time with doctors and nurses and all things medical. So I made plans to take the afternoon off and take Ian in. Once I came home and we mentioned the Health Dept, he knew where we were headed and he got a little upset and bummed out but thankfully, no major issue... I didn't make a big deal out of it and he was kool.

Anyhow long story short, we went in there, did our business (the concern was over his childhood egg allergy, which now seems to have been outgrown) and he ended up being able to do the nasal spray "live virus" version. They kept us for awhile longer after the shot to make sure he had no adverse allergic reactions. He was fine and off we went. It turned out to be a "non-event" really. The key to this thing was that I didn't get all pissed at my wife for making such a big deal out of it, I took care ofthings, didn't get Ian all cranked up. We went with the flow, I explained all the stuff about getting shots, allergies, etc to Ian, he understood and it went well. He was relieved about getting the nasal spray rather than the shot. I was also, I don't like to see him upset, lol.

Afterwords, I took him out to eat at McD's, (drank my obligatory diet coke) and we sat and talked about all sorts of stuff, hung out and just had a nice time. On the way home, we jammed out to some great tunes, singing and just enjoying the music and the time together. (of course, he doesn't like my singing lol). After we got home, we changed and I took him to his Den meeting for Cub Scouts. One thing that seems to be coming from this situation with his mom's difficulty in handling things is that he and I are growing closer. I had to handle a situation between him and one of his little buddies without disturbing mama bear and that prompted a long talk about being nice to people, etc. So, there are some side bennies to all of this stuff I guess lol. It's hard to describe here, but last nite was a really good nite for Ian and me. Thankfully, we have a lot of those. I still have to be his dad/guidance counselor/disciplinarian more than anything but sometimes it's nice to just be his friend and enjoy him! I pray that we can maintain this relationship like this.

Kool side note from yesterday... Miss Ohio came to our Rotary Club and spoke yesterday. I write thenewspaper articles reporting on our Club programs so I got to interview her a bit, shoot a couple photos, etc. I've never been a huge Miss USA guy or anything like that. I've never really understood it all. Well, meeting Miss Ohio and hearing her amazing story has given me a new perspective. Maybe all of that stuff isn't as dumb and goofy as I once thought it was. She's a regular girl, working hard to help others and make her way through college.

God is good...

He's placed me in a wonderful career where service is my job, plain and simple.

He's placed me in and among some wonderful folks within my community, giving me awesome opportunities to grow and serve.

He's blessed me with a wonderful son, and He's given me a loyal, kind wife, someone I can trust and help.

God has given me good health, and plenty of reminders that I need to take better care of myself.

He's given me a family to spend the Holidays with, to confide in and confer with.

He saved me from the awful disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, that I might help others save themselves.

God has given me some amazing friends in recovery that help me through the challenges and enjoy life's miracles with me. (that includes you all!)

He's given me a relationship with Himself and His Son, that I might live forever in the next life.

He's given me the gift of music, the gift of gab and the love for teaching and working with kids.

God is good.


Madison said...

Amazing post. I guess it's all in what you focus on. Sounds like you have lots to be thankful for.

enchantedoak said...

It's wonderful you have a thankful heart and make the most good out of situations. Shows real sobriety.
It's all about that new pair of glasses in the Acceptance story at the back of the BB. What you focus on gets larger, whether it's good, bad, or indifferent.
Liked your gratitude list.

Shannon said...

God is good!
U r a good day, good job handling lifes little challenges
glad you two had a good afternoon after

~ Tabitha ~ said...

And this post is good ;)

dAAve said...

That's all great, Scott.