Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday morning song...

I have this Glenn Miller arrangement of Sleigh Ride coursing through my mind this morning at breakneck speed. We played our "Christmas in the Village" show with the swing band last nite and I awoke to the "great big band in the sky" blasting away this morning lol. It went well and I am happy to have it behind us so we can stop with all the frenetic preparation and all of that jazz... One more little gig, we play a local retirement community in a couple weeks for free. They love having us there and it's just a great experience for everyone.

I had a chance to share with my sponsee yesterday, talk some program, so forth that was good. Mass was wonderful, great Advent message... had to go alone as Ian is still coughing from his head cold/sinus thing. I was more than ok with that. It seems that for now, alone works better than together lol.

Yesterday, Kayla and I texted back and forth a good bit while she was on a field trip for school (yea, on a Sunday I know... weird). In the middle of that, her mom (my ex fiance when I got sober) called to make sure I had the facts about some stuff that's going with Kay. I thought that was pretty kool of her to call. It's nice that we can talk and listen and what not. She's totally on board with Kay and I having some sort of relationship so that's all good. Sadly, Kayla's dad doesn't seem to be very well dialed in to some of the insane "boy crazy" stuff she has going on. I am just glad Kayla and I can talk and share and that she's a part of my life again.

With all the marital strife lately, I've decided it would be good to do a 4th Step soon. It's been awhile since the last one. I've celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Penance (Confession, i.e. Step 5) many times since my last 4th Step but there's just no replacement for paper and pencil. So, that will be a fun project. The relief is always worth the effort.

Well, I need to get going I gotta get on the radio for my bi weekly call in thing, wee hoo! (lol, it's fun!) I hope you all have a peaceful Monday. I plan to.

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