Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok, lol this blow by blow soap opera report from me probably isn't terribly neccesary on here. I think I am probably focussing too much on all the negative instead of focusing on my part and my own self improvement.

I've been talking to family and a couple friends, talking to my sponsor and another close AA friend that knows us both. But, I have got to pray more and seek peace and the strength to be kind, rather than trying to be "on my game and keep my edge" so I don't grow soft and cave all in lol. Geeze, this stuff is so flippin' difficult. I think we're going to try for some counseling and see what happens with that.

God, please continue to remove my obsession to drink and use drugs, just for today. I pray that I am able to be kind and respectful, compassionate and understanding in all my affairs today, give me the strength, please. I pray for Your Will for my wife and my son and I. I don't know what's going to happen, or what my part should even be. I pray that I might discern this in time. Please be with those who are suffering from this awful disease of alcoholism, especially the people I've been asked to reach out to, and our niece Natalie. Thank You for bringing Kay back into my life and for all the blessings of friends and family. Thank You for my blogging friends who are honest with me, and loving... very kool.

Thank You for the faith that at some point, this too shall pass.


dAAve said...

These individual journies we experience can be so damn interesting.

Shannon said...

Good morning to you! It is Friday, it is a new day, and its the weekend, make the best out of it, and i know you intend to!!!

enchantedoak said...

Oh! Your sanity has returned! Wonderful! You are looking forward now, not backward. You are trudging the road.

Lou said...

This sounds good, Scott.

God Bless, don't give up just yet.

Steve E said...

At some point, everything shall pass.
Dammmit, wish I knew WHEN!

Syd said...

Good stuff Scott. Take care of yourself without beating up on yourself unmercifully. I have found that praying for those with whom I have difficulty for two weeks helps me to remove the resentment that seems to fester.