Saturday, December 12, 2009

weekend, yay!

Good morning all...

I'm actually at the Chamber office, we do some Saturday morning hours at Christmas time to sell Chamber gift certificates but it's dead lol. After I finish up here, I am heading up to Toledo to spend the weekend with family and friends. I just need some space for a day or two, away from the situation. I had planned on bringing Ian but he's had a nasty cough for the past couple weeks. We had him at the doc Thursday, got some antibiotics, etc. But this morning he had an awful coughing fit and I just want him home resting. Plus my mom is azthmatic and VERY sensitive to getting bronchitis.

My wife and I have were able to talk some yesterday... she's running a wide range of emotions right now from devastated to ready to work it all out and make a better marriage. She said Father suggested to her that we pray together and asked me to pray for our marriage with her last nite before bed so we did that. We've never done that so maybe we've got some little kernel of hope going here. I'm glad we tried it. I'm hoping we continue to do that. She's apologized and made an effort to see her part in things so who knows. We've been down this road before, with the exception of the praying together. It's a day at a time and I have assured her that I am willing to work hard to fix things between us, but there's no guarantees or "everything is going to be ok" reassurances.

I got to the gym last nite and got an entire 5K in, between the track and the elliptical... that felt good actually, no shin splints or pain and I was moving much faster than normal. I even ran just a little bit... Of course on the elliptical, I was really moving well... no impact, much easier than walking/running for real. I am down about 16 lbs from my high in Nov. I pray that I can keep on this little wave of momentum. I know that stress is having an impact on my weight and nervous energy. I felt really good last night when I finished.

On they way home from the gym, Kayla and I had our first opportunity to talk on the cell phone. I was so nervous, and I think she was too lol. It wasn't nearly as "wordy" as when we're facebooking lol. She's actually going to be in Toledo this weekend at her aunt's house, so I will probably get an opportunity to see her.

Heavenly Father, I come to you this morning in confusion and turmoil. Thank You for being with my wife and me last nite as we sat and relaxed with Ian and then talked and prayed together later. Please help me be patient and compassionate, she's obviously got a lot to sort through. Help me be a good dad to Ian, and help me enjoy my family and friends this weekend. Thank You God for helping us to make a beginning as we try to sort things out. Help guide my thinking and my heart, be with us, be with Ian, be with her.


dAAve said...

Keep it up Scott.

enchantedoak said...

I chime in to say keep it up too. Rome wasn't built in a day. Bad habits don't get fixed quick.
Even the best marriages have low points. I wasn't sure mine would survive. Now it's stronger than ever. Hang in there a day at a time, and just keep doing the next indicated thing.

Mike Golch said...

just keep it up and keep the marriage got rocky for a while when I was out in drunk land,now that I have been sober it has become a lot better relationship.we take care of each other now and the bong between us cannot be broken.

Steve E said...

Things will work out, Scott. A key word here is "persistence".

You come to my blog a lot, Thanks for that. I've been remiss (is that a word?), also pretty busy, but I do get to comment some.

So I'm glad to be here today, and catch up a bit. glad you're still among the "LIVING SOBER" Hey that wold make a good book title--grin!

Syd said...

Praying, exercise, patience, compassion, and love are all healers of wounds.