Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I write a monthly piece in a couple local newspapers, related to the Chamber of Commerce and my job as director, and I'll be damned if I am struggling this month with something for that article, lol. Who knew that being a "writer" would be so challenging? (well, actually I did... once I found out I have to write for the local papers as a part of my job, lol)

Tonight is CCD night, still teaching both high school and junior high now. I have learned so much as a result of doing this. I only hope that my kids (at least of couple of them) are getting something from being in class with me lol. It amazes me, how much kids differ between 7th grade and 8th grade, and of then between jr high and high school. I guess it shouldn't really amaze me any more, but there is an amazing difference in the way they communicate (or not) and learn. I really enjoy working with the kids but it is exhausting!

It has been nice, getting back into a regular diet of AA meetings. This new noon group in town is proving to be a nice addition to my spiritual program. I was certainly having no desires to drink, or cravings, or really even thinking about it. But, I was/am dry as a crispy pile of leaves in a fall drought! So, it's been a good spiritual replenishment to be in meetings again. It's good to be around other drunks who are just trying to get through another day sober. Blogging has been a big part of my sobriety, and I talk to AA's on the phone or around town on a frequent basis but, there's just no substitute for a steady diet of good AA meetings.

Today I am at peace... I pray that I can share that peace with those around me, beginning with my family and extending out to anyone I encounter today. God, please help me share Your divine peace today.

May God's peace be with you all...


The Turning Point said...

When I switched from industry to running a publicly funded treatment center I also found myself on TV, radio and writing articles for the papers, it was a awakening to say the least. The new "downtown" meetings were just what I needed at that time in my sobriety, woke me up.
God bless


Syd said...

Glad that things are going better. I think that writing stuff out helps me in general. Journaling and blogging are great tools.