Friday, February 19, 2010

Peace and sanity are what its all about these days. My mind has been fairly racy and nervy lately. I've been on a busy run with work and I have lots of projects going at once both in and out of work so it is a bit crazy round here. Thankfully these days its mostly "good crazy" as opposed to the stress and chaos of months gone by. My main deal now is just having time enough to get it all in. So, I ask God to help me stay calm and cool. I try to remember that its all about ahving faith in Him who makes everything good and right. When I remind myself daily of the fact the I have a relationship with God and He will help keep me sober today, I can go through my day without worry or apprehension of what's to come or not to come.

Lord I ask You this day to be with me, guide my thinking and my heart toward Your design. I pray that You might grant me another day of release from my addictions. I ask that You might be with my friends, family and people I know who are really struggling with health issues, finance issues, relationship stuff, addicition. I know You can heal them if they are prepared to receive Your healing touch and Grace. Please help me see my opportunites to be of service to You and to those around me. I know that no matter what, if I place my will and the care of my life in Your loving hands today, You'll see me home safely.


The Turning Point said...

At a meeting the other day I shared that throughout my sobriety when I thought I couldn't go another step I would be reminded of the prayer the first man to break the four minute mile prayed.
"Lord You pick um up, I'll lay them down."

Hang in there


Lou said...

I hope the week end gives you some calm and respite. I find I cannot just go and go like I used to, it is not good for my head anymore.

Syd said...

Peace and sanity are a good plan.