Monday, May 24, 2010

drama, drama go away!

Well, the baseball drama seems to be ongoing lol. The current coach of our team appears to be ignoring the request for him to step down and focus on the 8th grade team where his intensity is a better match. So, that puts me in a weird spot, having been instructed by the summer ball director to take over the team. The summer rec guy was supposed to go back and make his wishes known a bit more assertively over the weekend. We'll see what comes of that. Who needs this drama anyhow? This is all supposed to be fun and instructive for the boys. I'm pretty sure they are having a good time.

Yesterday, I managed to get the grass cut, some overdue trimming done, my new Japanese Maple planted between sessions of playing catch (baseball) with Ian. He and I concluded the day fishing in the canal that runs through town. Our home sits one house away from it so it's practically in our yard. We caught a bunch of small bluegill and bass, and despite some equipment issues we still managed to have a nice time.

I'm in a bit of a quandry, professionally speaking. I've decided to get my realty license and become a Realtor. That type of work is something I have a lot of experience with because of my years in the mortgage industry. I've even hooked up with an excellent realty company that's reputable, experienced, small and has designs on teaching me the entire business (including auctioneering and property management) as a succession plan to their own retirement in about 10 years. It looks like a nice deal at this point. There's only one problem. I've gotten myself boxed in schedule-wise with this band job I've landed. So, I cannot take my licensing classes probably until November, which will mean postponing the start of my real estate career until January or February. They offer a 3 week shot Mon-Thurs then you're done. Or you can take 6 weeks of weekends then you're done, or you can take 4 months of Tues/Thurs nites. With my current schedule, none of those will work until winter time. So, as it stands now, I wait. That is disappointing for sure, as we need to crank up some income here. I'll pray on it.


drybottomgirl said...

I can relate to your baseball drama. When I taught preschool many years back the kids were great but the parents and the administration were the ones with all the drama! As for waiting, it's God's timing, it maybe sooner than later and praying on it will surely help! Have an awesome day!

Syd said...

I hope that the baseball drama resolves. Sounds like ego is alive and well with the fellow who won't step down. Good luck with being a realtor--these are tough times for them down here.