Saturday, June 05, 2010

Well, I vanished for a few days thanks to a computer meltdown and a busy schedule lol. The desktop PC I had been using at home has been pronounced dead. Time of death: Wed night. So, I am now using the other desktop I have in my home office, left over from when I had my own biz. I don't know if I caught a virus or what happened but it had been acting funky and running slow for a long time. It was nearly 8 yrs old and had a LOT of hours on it.

"We've Moved!!" says the sign on the old Chamber of Commerce office door. Finally, all the stuff is in, we're unpacking, organizing and I am "nesting" in my new fancy office. We have one of the coolest places in town to work. I will have to take some pics and post them. Moving sucks, but nesting in the new office and getting organized is actually sort of fun. The worst is most definitely behind us.

This morning my wife, Ian and I will go to a local farmer's market and see what's there. It's the first weekend for this particularly good farmer's market so I am excited. It's in the town where I last worked at the bank. That's how I found out about it, coming to work on Sat. mornings at the bank and taking a quick trip round the town square. Plants, veggies, crafts, breads, etc.

Yesterday I hit the noon meeting, walked over from the new office. I hemmed and hawed about going, didn't feel like I wanted to. That sealed the deal. I knew then that I needed to. Like always, I was glad I went, felt better afterwards, and wasn't feeling particularly badly really. I just needed a meeting more than I realized.

Last night we played a rainout make up game against the team in out baseball league that everyone wants to beat because they are good and they are cocky (comes from their intense coach). We played them Thurs nite and lost 7-5, after spotting them a 5 run 1st inning (we out played them after that but couldn't dig outta the hole). Well, yesterday had been one of those days where everything was going perfectly, working out exceptionally well so I knew this would be our night. What I didn't know is that we'd demolish them. 15-4 was the final. We hadn't had a win in 5 games, including two close losses to that team. So, the boys were really excited when we won. I gave out two game balls and was all choked up in the process because they went to two boys who are quite, hardworking boys who really did well. I love coaching, even when we lose. To see those boys try hard game after game, play well game after game and come up a little short has been tough but they handled it well. It's been a really special experience getting to know the boys, seeing them struggle, fight hard, improve and then get a big win like last night. I had no idea how special coaching could be.


Carol said...

I like your spirit, found you through Daave's blog and will add you to my list as well!

Steve Finnell said...

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drybottomgirl said...

I love farmer's markets, we have a large one that is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Sometimes I just go and buy the fresh picked flowers for a pick me up. So happy that your move is done. A fresh place does wonders for morale. Congratulations on the super win! I could feel your ear to ear smile when I was reading that last paragraph. Some of those boys will remember that game for the rest of their lives!

The Turning Point said...

Welcome back, I also have been away, (no TV, internet) for the last several days.
The boys' team, yes it sure is in "how you play the game".
Farmers' markets in Ohio are like no other.