Friday, July 30, 2010


This weekend is a free weekend... We've got no major travel plans, no work plans, no visitor plans. Sat. evening is our annual outdoor Mass and summer picnic at church. This takes place at the same time as the summer cub scout swim party. So we'll drop the boy off at the pool and hit Mass and the picnic.

My plan for the weekend is to get through a list of to do's I've been putting off/unable to get to. My office is beset with stacks of stuff, things to put away and file, lol. You know how it is when you're too busy for your own good :-) I've got outdoor work to get done, wood to stack, grass to cut, weeds, gardening and so forth. The garage could use a bit of attention as well.

As for fun, I will see if Ian wants to do some fishing at the lake. It has been awhile since we went, we're due for some dad/son quality/quiet time. And I am sure his mom wouldn't protest if we wanted to vacate the premesis for a bit. I'm ready for some quiet, so I am hoping maybe they vacate later on in the weekend lol You know how that goes! I'm looking for some time to reflect, plan, write, meditate...

I sure hope y'all have a nice weekend!


Carol said...

I don't see anything about putting something into your relationship ;>)

Scott said...

hmm, well good point carol. My wife did suggest we pile into the Kia and hit the drive in so we did that last night even though I could've gone to sleep at 8pm lol.

We took Ian to see depspicable me and had a great time.