Saturday, February 26, 2011

This too shall pass...

Yesterday was one of those "I don't wanna be in a good mood" days lol. Amazing after such an affirmation the day before, huh? That's how it goes, more proof that this trip is really a One-Day-At-A-Time deal. We got a nice dump of heavy wet snow that I had to shovel before getting out to the office. (for the record, I HATE shoveling snow lol) It took me 90 minutes and much cursing under my breath.

I had a day where I knew I needed to get a TON of stuff done since I had been in meetings all week and at a conference last Thursday and Friday. Suffice it to say I was way behind! So, I had that "hurry up" mentality that can only result in needless stress, mistakes, impatience and ultimately frustration. And that's how much of the day went until I made myself slow down in the afternoon. I stopped what I was working on, popped Nat King Cole's rendition of "Stardust" on the CD player, closed my office door, closed my eyes and just existed with Nat and Hoagy Carmicheal for 4 minutes.

I've always had difficulty slowing my mind without outside assistance. Nat always helps me slow down, relax and be at peace. It worked again this time and I got a lot done at work and when I got home, despite the madness taking place there lol.

At any rate, this alcoholic still has to stop himself and just slow down and re-focus. So if you're new to sobriety and your mind is racing, it's wise to learn how to slow yourself down. I have to avoid hurry, indecision, judgement of others, anger and a whole litany of things if I want to live a peaceful sober existence.

This morning I feel better, so off we go! That too did pass...


Syd said...

I am having to pay particular attention to slowing down right now as I am trying to do so much. Amazing what two of us can do and now there is temporarily only one.

Jingle Poetry said...

take your time and relax..

we love you.

The Turning Point said...

That first paragraph,"... hate to shovel snow..." hit me, that's why I lived down here since '77'. '76 & 77' were record snows in Ohio. 5am in morning I was a-shoveling and a-cursing, had to catch a plane out of Cleveland when I stopped looked up and cried "God I know I've done a lot of things I've got to make amends for but damn, I know I don't deserve this, get me out of here." Six months later I had a job in the beautiful south.