Friday, July 15, 2011

busy week in 55 words!

Busy, crazy, no time to be lazy!
I love a week that moves in a blur
as long as I can take time to concur...
With God up above, and all of His love,
I can get through with the peace of a dove.
Thanks for Friday is all I can say!
Today's the day!

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As you might guess, this week hass been crazy, and today is no exception. I had my first real estate closing on Monday, then spent Tuesday and Wednesday in meetings and preparing for yesterday's all-day golf outing fundraiser for our organization. Our final home swim meet running the concessions was Wednesday evening, THANK GOD that's behind us! Today it's off to Columbus to meet with other Chamber of Commerce executives for a best practice/consultative session. With all of this stuff, I didn't even have time to get to an AA meeting this week. So, prayer has been vital, especially this week.

Today, life is good! I love being busy, although this week has been maybe a bit too much, dashing from thing to thing. I tend to get edgey and impatient with those around me so, I have to take care to slow my mind down today. HP reminds me that today is the only day I can live, to worry about tomorrow or yesterday is pointless. So, I plan to put one foot in front of the other, be kind, and just enjoy the drive to and from the meetings in Columbus. I'm ready for a day away from the insanity, and meeting with colleagues is always a positive experience.

I pray that you all have a peaceful Friday and a great weekend! It's great to be sober and living in the stream of life today!


G-Man said...

Congrats on the closing, sorry about you having to go to Columbus
Thanks for doing a 55 this week.
It's always better being busy!
Have a kick Ass Week-End

Brian Miller said...

been flying here too...TGIF....glad life is good as well....

Monkey Man said...

Sometimes life goes so fast we forget to breath.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

sing song alike 55.
well done.

Syd said...

Good for you on the closing. I have to remember First Things First when things get too crazy busy.