Sunday, January 08, 2012

Getting to know you...

I'm watching the Republicans on Meet the Press and in an effort to stay sane, I thought I'd do a little blogging as well lol.  (politics is maddening isn't it?)

My friend MC tagged me with the "Versatile Blogger Award" the other day, and I'd like to take time to respond to that in an effort to let me readers get to know me better.  (aren't you the lucky ones?? lol)  The award asks me to list seven things about myself and tag three other Versatile Bloggers to do the same.

1)  Because of AA and the lesson of service, I have become quite fond of volunteering and working in my community.  (so much so that I often spread myself too thin)  AA taught me balance, and so now I've begun trimming back my extra-curricular activities.
2)  I LOVE social media and technology.  I am using social media to build my real estate business and I'm working to become a credible consultant in the field.  So far I've resisted the temptation to monetize this blog.
3)  Thanks to my son Ian, I got into tropical fishkeeping about four years ago (against my wife's hesitancy and better judgement).  Now she's as addicted as I am.  There is nothing quite like relaxing near a beautiful aquarium with a book or laptop and a cup of coffee.
4)  I've discovered that I can easily get two brewing cycles through one K-Cup on our Keurig and still have a great cup of coffee.  (I'm frugal!)
5)  I'm a really great mix of "conservative" and "liberal" when it comes to commerce/development and our environment and human capital.  (I think that makes me "normal"?)
6)  I don't do resolutions, I make decisions I can quickly take action on, one day at a time (again, thanks AA!)
7)  I love to write creatively.  Having said that, I've been on a bit of a "dry spell" of late but I hope that shall pass soon.  I think that once I pare down my outside obiligations, my creativity will return.

So, there's some info about me.  I read several blogs, and I know sometimes bloggers view this exercise as a bit of a drag, but it's good for the readers out here to get to know who's behind the screen.  I would like to tag three great bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award:  Julie over at Sober Julie; Steve over at The Fourth Dimension; and Leslie over at Moondustwriter's Blog.
Julie is versatile, energetic and oh, so sober.  There's always something ineteresting going on with her.  Steve is another dynamo, writing beautifully about his experiences with music, in sobriety.   Leslie writes so beautifully, and inspires me to do the same.

MC, thank you very much for passing this along to me.  Everyone, enjoy getting to know my friends!


Sober Julie said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me!! I'm going to post this ...yeah it can be a drag but I agree, it allows readers to get to know us

Marcia said...

Thanks for the K-cup tip, I'll try that tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful list -- I like getting to know you!

Mary Christine said...

Hey Scott, thanks for "playing." I think it has been kind of fun.

Anonymous said...

Recently started following your blog, so love this introduction! Will also check out the other blogs you mentioned. Look forward to reading much more from you, and don't give any thought to the dry spell. I've found it ebbs and flows. It's always there though.

Syd said...

I liked your list, Scott. The tropical fish are so interesting. I think that salt water aquaria are great.

Syd said...

I liked your list, Scott. The tropical fish are so interesting. I think that salt water aquaria are great.

moondustwriter said...

Scott - how sweet of you.
Wishing you the best in 2012
Another year to be inspired and inspire others
Look up!!!

Polly50500 said...

I went to dinner tonight w my 10 year old. The waiter asked me twice If i wanted a tequila. He kept saying no one would know. Just have a shot. Just have a shot. Omg. It's so hard out there. Danger everywhere Taking Antabuse has really made life easier this time around. I can't drink w out ending up in a hospital and it also helps w the cravings. A weekend w out a hangover is such a blessing. I am not altogether present --- still v self involved and not at peace. But, not taking a drink one day at a time is getting me closer to becoming ready to take on my life. Hell, I'm in my 50s It's time. Be brave. I need to be brave.