Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sitting in our local coffee house, waiting to meet a "partner in crime" a fellow social media/marketing mad scientist for a chamber of commerce project...  Spending a "Santa-given" gift certificate on a healthy breakfast and a steamy cup of "mudslide" coffee...  So far we're off to a good start.

This is the week I'm told I'll be informed who gets the job I interviewed for.  The folks I've consulted with, and shared my desire for the position with have all overwhelmingly thought I'd be a great choice.  Of course, that's just the public opinion poll lol.  But, those are all folks who are in on the deal and know the project and know me.  So, I hope that bodes well.  I'm beginning to get a little anxious.  I've been acting "as-if" I'm the guy (if only in my mind) in an effort to be ready to hit the ground running and keep a positive, optimistic mind-set. 

I wish I were a simpler person, when it comes to my mind and how I process things.  It seeems like it would be really great if I could go through this process with little mental and emotional strain.  It hasn't been a nightmare, but I find that I have to work hard to keep it real, and keep from worrying or projecting  negative outcome.

Meanwhile, I am acting "as-if" at my current job, pressing on with several events and projects here in the new year.  That's not easy, considering how much I've prepared for the new gig and how hopeful and excited I am.  This new job will really change our lives, and I feel fairly ready for that change.

2012 is off to a strong start with my real estate work.  I have two listing appointments this week and hopefully two more later this month.  I'm looking to have an excellent year in real estate.  Cutting back some of the "extra stuff" will result in more time for focus on work and family.

Surrender as been the topic at the last two noon meetings I've attended.  I've been paying attention, and talking about how we need to surrender to so much more than just our alcoholism andd addictions.  I must surrender to situations where I have no control.  I must surrender to the fact that people aren't going to do what I want them to.  I must surrender with the Serenity Prayer to accept the things I cannot change...  The good news is that when I surrender, I merely recognize my lack of control and can then turn everything over to God and do the next right thing.

The meetings have been very good for me to share, sit and listen in.  I think this is a timely topic.  Surrender is always a timely topic.


Syd said...

Good luck with the job, Scott. It will turn out the way that it is supposed to. Surrender is timely with living life. Every day there are little surrenders for me. Best wishes!

Marcia said...

Yes, surrender is always a timely topic. I have so little control. I surrender all the time...

moondustwriter said...

Great topic - Surrender
something we can all benefit from
so hard to put into practice