Sunday, January 22, 2012

love and gratitude

I love when I can enjoy a quiet Sunday at home!  Today was such a Sunday.  I was able to get some work done, get to Mass, eat some good food, watch the tail end of the Patriots win over the hated Ravens, and watch my Giants play tonight in San Fran.  Ian got to go sledding again today, enjoying the 3+ inches of snow we received Fri night.  I has been a nice day.  Now, it's time for some bloggage and preparation for the week upcoming.  I am anticipating some good news this week regarding the new job.

I'm sober today only by God's Grace.  God has seen fit to give me the strength to stay sober one day at a time for nearly 16 years.  To say I am grateful would be an incomplete understatement.  I seek to share my gift with others who seek recovery. I seek to give my talents and time to my community.  I owe.  I've been given gifts I could never repay, so I try just one day at a time to give back. 

AA taught me the importance of giving.  My church (Roman Catholic) teaches me that I must show my love for others each day of my life in order to grow closer to my HP Jesus.  It is simply not enough to proclaim my gratitude and my love.  I must act on it and share it with others, otherwise my love and gratitude are meaningless.  That doesn't mean I am hoping to "score points" with my HP, I am merely expressing my love for Him, and so He manifests His Grace in my life.  AA and my church remind me and provide ways for me to express my love and gratitude.

I'm off to read some of your blogs.  I am so grateful to have these virtual meetings to help me grow in recovery.  God Bless!


Mary Christine said...

I am so grateful to read someone else who has the same understanding of the Grace of God and its relationship to my sobriety.

Thanks pal!


tearlessnights said...

So it was YOU and your HP that caused Ravens and 9ers to lose!!!!!
(Hahaha - I'm not that into football, but our household was - overall - cheering against you, but you prevailed :)))

Syd said...

God's grace means so much. I am glad that you were relieved of your suffering through that grace.